Thursday, 21 March 2013

What is MCS?

Something that we would like to keep, share and pass on....

The Malay Cultural Society or more known as MCS is an asset of KDU University College that was brought to existence to be kept, shared and passed on among the members.

Its existence is based on the fundamental idea of preserving and enriching our heritage, tradition and culture. Malaysia is well known not only for its Malay passed on traditions, but for its Chinese, Indian, and some other ethnics' heritage too.

As the time passes by, we could see that some of these cultures experience assimilation, modernisation and evolution due to the ever-changing society.

MCS wishes to expand the concept of the maturation process of our heritage far and wide, but at the same time, we still retain the identity and uniqueness of our own culture

Do join us and lend us your support in the hopes of preserving our Malaysian culture.